What is LiteSim?

LiteSim is a service that offers Android emulators and a build server in the cloud for developers to connect to. The platform takes all the heavyweight development tasks and moves them from the local machine to a much more powerful remote server.

LiteSim eliminates the need for bulky hardware by offering Android emulators and build services running on a cloud server to facilitate faster creation of the next generation of Android apps. Right now, writing and testing a mobile app requires a powerful and expensive machine that can run all the required tasks for development. Depending on the speed of the hardware, the build process can take minutes and the emulators can perform unacceptably slowly. Additionally, the computer becomes very sluggish to use for other tasks while the emulator is running, adding up to a very bad user experience. Fortunately, all these pain points can be alleviated by moving the build and emulation tasks to the cloud, enabling software engineers to spend time doing what they’re best at.


  • Run Gradle builds remotely for faster build times
  • Remote Android emulators with hardware acceleration for maximum performance
  • ADB and shell connections for ease of use
  • Direct compatibility with Android Studio without the need for additional plugins
  • Enable development from any machine regardless of hardware limitations

How it Works

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